What is Compost Tea?

What is Compost Tea?

Q: What is compost tea?

A: Compost tea is foliar spray for your plants that you can make yourself. Get a five-gallon bucket and lid. Buy a small aquarium pump and hoses long enough to reach down inside the five gallon bucket. A bubbler stone on the end of the hose is suggested. Fill the leg of an old panty hose with compost and tie a knot above the compost. Dangle this over the bucket. Fill with water and set everything up so that the water is agitated by the bubbler stone. Cut a hole in the lid big enough to let the hose pass through and attach firmly. This protects small children and pets. If you do this at the beginning of the day, you will have a tea-colored compost tea by evening. Spray immediately for best results. Storage of this mixture will lessen the effectiveness of the tea.

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