Staking Trees

Staking Trees

Q: I see trees with stake all over the place and I read that staking is bad for the tree, what do I do with my new tree that the wind blew over?

A: Staking is only bad if it is done wrong or left on too long. To stake a tree it needs to be firm but still able to flex and move some with the wind. Never tie a tree with anything that will not stretch as the tree grows. Never put wire or rope directly on the trunk of the tree, always run it thru a hose to keep it from rubbing into the tree. The loop of hose around the trunk needs to be loose enough for the tree to move around in some, it should never be tight on the tree. Generally most stakes can and should be removed after the first year in the ground. If the tree still moves or leans too much you have something else going on and need to consult with a master gardener or a nursery specialist.

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