Something is Eating My Tomatos!

Something is Eating My Tomatos!

Q: My tomato is being eaten by something, whole twigs are gone, nothing but a stub is left and there is nothing on the ground either what is going on and what do I nee to do?

A: Most likely what you have is a tomato hornworm hiding around somewhere. These large caterpillars can be as big as your finger as they mature but are much smaller in the early stages, but still just as voraciously hungry and are devilishly hard to see. They are the same green color as the leaves of the tomato plant and blend in very well. Dust with a product containing a biological control called BT, short for Bacillus thuringiensis. This will kill the caterpillars and not be poisonous to you, children or pets and is safe to use even when tomatoes are ready to harvest, just pick wash and eat.

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