Organic Weed Control Not Working

Organic Weed Control Not Working

Q: I want to use organic weed control on my lawn but it never seems to control all the weeds, am I doing something wrong?

A: You are most likely not doing something “wrong” but more likely not doing enough. The organic product called Corn Gluten Meal that is used as an organic weed preventive needs to be applied heavy and frequently during the season leading up to the time the weeds generally become visible. If you put it on too early it breaks down before the weed seeds begin to germinate and if you do not put it down frequently enough it again breaks down before the next round of seeds starts to sprout. A commercial lawn service company in the Austin area listed in an ad for their company that they apply corn gluten meal 4 or 5 times from September to February. In an organic setting you will not be able to have total weed control with out some physical work such as in digging and pulling.

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