How do I get rid of Dallisgrass?

How do I get rid of Dallisgrass?

Q: I have sprayed my yard with a Broadleaf weed killer and what I have been told was Dallisgrass was not affected at all, what do I need to do to get rid of it?

A: First a few comments on what a “Broadleaf” weed is. This is a very abridged simple statement. Generally a broad leaf weed is a weed that is not a grass, it has nothing to do with the size or shape of the leaf, it is the biological cell structure that determines whether it is a broadleaf or a grass as in your high school biology class and you had to list Dicot or Monocot plants. So just because the leaf is wide will not make it a broadleaf weed or having a narrow leaf makes it a grass. If you are unsure take a sample to a master gardener or a certified nursery professional and have it identified. Now, Dallisgrass is a grassy weed and your options are limited at this time, one of the main chemical treatments for grassy weeds was a product called MSMA, and it is going off the market at the end of this year and as of now I am not aware of a viable replacement for the home owner.

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