Do I Need More Stakes on my Tree?

Do I Need More Stakes on my Tree?

Q: I just planted a new oak tree and the company that planted it put two metal stakes on it, my neighbor has a tree that has 3 stakes on it with a pole on the trunk of the tree too that keeps it from moving, do I need to put more stakes on my tree?

A: It depends, if your tree is moving from side to side enough to move the root ball in the ground or if it leans all the way to the ground in the wind, then the answer is yes, you need more support for the tree. If the tree bends slightly and then straightens up and the ground around the tree is not moving with the tree in the wind then the answer is no. All trees need to move some and newly planted trees are no exception. Some movement is needed to strengthen the trunk of the tree as it grows. If you over stake a tree then the trunk will not be very strong and if the staking is removed then the tree may lean over in the wind even more. Staking is only to help hold the tree steady in the ground till the soil settles and it gains enough root growth to hold it in place. If the tree is established and seems to be growing in the same direction as the wind, there is nothing that you can do for that, the trunk will be straight but the top growth will always follow the prevailing wind.


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