Aramdillo Prevention

Aramdillo Prevention

Armadillos are tearing up my lawn and flowerbeds, is there anything I can do to keep them away? I heard they where looking for grub worms, but I treated my lawn and should not have any.

A: Second statement first, armadillos generally are not tearing up lawns and flowerbeds just for grub worms. Armadillos are looking for anything to eat including grubs but also earthworms, crickets and any other insect. They are attracted to lawns and flowerbeds especially in the summer when it is dry. Our lawns and flowerbeds are nice and moist and soft and easy to dig in. As far as what you can do to keep them away, not much. The only options that I know of are killing, trapping, excluding and repellants. If you are in a residential area or in the city killing is not an option it is not safe for you or your neighbors, trapping is not very effective because they are not attracted to any type of bait, you have to put up long unsightly barricades to direct the foraging armadillo to the entrance of the trap. Excluding means you have to put up a fence or some type of barrier that they cannot go around or under. Repellants are also a kind of so, so method, there is one on the market base on Castor bean Oil that is supposed to repel the animals but I have heard mixed reviews as to how effective it is, I think it may depend on how heavy you apply the product and how often.

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