Garden Babies Instructions

Garden Babies Instructions

Making “Garden Babies”

Children love making Garden Babies! Instructions for making the plant creatures are below:


  • Knee-high stocking

  • 1 tablespoon perennial rye grass seed

  • 1-2 cups potting soil

  • glue

  • 2 craft eyes, craft pom-poms for nose, or

    scrap felt to cut shapes for eyes, nose,


  • ribbon to make hair bows or bow ties

Pour seed into the stocking and shake down to toe. Pour the potting soil on top of the seed.
Tie the stocking tightly into a knot or with a ribbon to keep the soil into a ball.

Lay soil-filled stocking on flat surface, shape into a face and add eyes, nose, and mouth by gluing on cut-out shapes or pom-poms.

If desired, add ears and ribbon for hair bows or bow ties. Water to keep entire ball moist (sit in a saucer) and place in bright window. Seed should sprout in 7-14 days, making hair (or beard, depending upon which direction the face was placed). As grass grows, the “garden baby” may be given a haircut periodically.

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